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Data Warehousing

Interpreting data to make informed decisions is the key to any successful business. The problem in today’s information age is not the dearth of data. The real problem is, organizing, integrating and making sense of these gobs of data. To really succeed in the world of business today, we ought to analyze data, and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Most businesses need data from multiple and disparate sources. Gathering data, integrating them from various sources, analyzing them, and arriving at conclusions are extremely tedious and time consuming tasks. Needless to say, this is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses, not only in the US, but across the world.

Data Warehouse is a database used for reporting and data analysis. It is a repository of data from various sources, including similar and dissimilar elements.

FocusBiz’s Data Warehousing – Part of your Solution

With a proven track-record, FousBiz continues to offer effective business solutions through Data Warehousing. With our years of experience, we know what it takes to implement a successful warehouse project. We are IT and Business Intelligence professionals, with expertise in a multitude of industries.

Data Warehouse Design

The first step in our Data Warehouse design process is to understand the Client requirements. We gather the required information first-hand. Once we have sufficient information, we proceed to the planning of the various other phases in the data warehouse design process.

Phases in the Design process

Setting-up the physical environment, data modeling, ETL, front-end and reports development, performance tuning, query optimization, quality assurance, rolling out to production, maintenance, and then enhancements. While these are the typical steps involved in the data warehouse project cycle, we create task descriptions, timeliness, deliverables and pitfalls for each of these steps in the design process.

Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses make their decisions based on the information available to them. Business Intelligence comprises of that information that is available for businesses, along with the insights gained from data-mining analysis. FocusBiz offers you a range of apt Business Intelligence tools that can help enhance your business’ success.

Data Mart for Ad-hoc Reports

A Data Warehousing System or Data Mart is the infrastructure your business needs. It is the back-end system for achieving business intelligence. FocusBiz designs and develops Data Mart to provide you with reports that are unique to your business concern.

Automated Reports

We already saw how gathering data, integrating them and then making sense of what we have, are such challenging tasks. With FocusBiz, you can get automated reports generated, and delivered with just a few clicks. We customize the reports as per your requirement – ensuring ease of use, and having information that matters most to your business situation.

Single Point Data from multiple sources

The beauty of Data Warehousing lies in the ability to gather and store information from different, dissimilar sources and then bringing specific pieces of information together that makes sense to your business situation. All this with an automated system means more time, lesser costs and efficient business intelligence system overall for you.

FocusBiz’s Data Warehousing Solutions for enhancing your business success.

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