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“Data is what distinguishes the dilettante from the artist.” – George V. Higgins

Accurate data is the lifeblood of a successful business today. Business owners make key business decisions based on the data that is available to them. With quality data and sensible interpretation of them, businesses can achieve higher levels of success.

Since quality data is the key to decision making process, planning and designing databases that can store and retrieve data in a timely manner for you is an absolute necessity. That’s where FocusBiz Database consulting comes in. We, at FocusBiz can design and develop databases tailored to your business needs. Our services will demonstrate different ways to foster extremely reliable database environment, which will lead to greater successes for your enterprise!

Our extensive knowledge of data modeling, architecture and planning coupled with our expertise in the design process, management and development of your database in the most efficient manner ensures rapid growth of your business.

We offer expert assessment of databases, so that you can make qualified decisions and improve your business more effectively.

Some basics about Databases and FocusBiz’s services :

  1. Ensuring right number of tables that are required for your database is important. Foreseeing the need and allowing room for storing and fetching additional data as your business grows is vital. We are experts in taking care of both - effectively.
  2. Repetition or duplication of data can be a nightmare during usage. We will ensure there is no cluttering of the database. We realize the importance of single pieces of data.
  3. It is important to know the pros and cons of each database software package so that you know what you are getting and how it will suit your needs. Again, our team of experts have the know-how to help you choose the best.
  4. FocusBiz offers Dimensional Database Design and schema modeling, meaning unlike the traditional relational database that is organized around a list of records, we offer more advantageous dimensional table. The Dimensional Data and schema modeling approach ensures ease of access over several business dimensions. And more importantly it makes summarizing and comparing data easier than ever before.
  5. We are specialized in automated migration and ETL Processes enabling these processes to:
    1. Read data from multiple source systems into a single format: Firstly the data is extracted [‘E’ TL] from a native system and saved in a target location.
    2. In the second step the data from various systems is made consistent and linked. Transformed [E ‘T’ L]. Process includes Standardization, Cleansing, Applying Surrogate keys and Transposing Data.
    3. The transformed data is then written out to a warehouse/mart. Loaded [ET ’L’]

FocusBiz is a professional Database consulting team that has a proven track-record in developing databases - large and small.

We are Part of Your Solution, Not Of your Cost