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“I can't say enough great things about Ramesh. He has helped our company, which is involved is an educational platform software company, develop in to a viable entity. Ramesh helped us architect our platform, asking us for input on requirements, then taking our needs, writing code and implementing the design to make the platform a reality. My business partner and I have also gotten to know Ramesh well, and we consider him a friend. He has a high level of integrity and does not promise something that he cannot deliver "on time and on dime". I highly recommend Ramesh for any of your IT projects.”


“Ramesh is an excellent developer with good depth of both technical and business expertise. He is reliable and provides consistent high quality results. I would highly recommend him for any development effort required including analysis, design, programming and documentation."

Richard Childress
CIO at Aerovironment Inc

“I have known Ramesh Ramchandani for over 2 years. He is very detailed oriented, excellent resource for any project. Ramesh has extensive experience in database (BI, DW, Client Server) based projects. He presents creative solutions to problems. Ramesh can always be relied on his knowledge and expertise in consulting assignments."

Shishir Saxena
Sr.Project Manager at Amgen

“Ramesh did an exceptional job for Seepoint Technology and I am happy to recommend him!!”

Michael Laporte
SeePoint Technologies

“Ramesh provided me with a customized software system that helped reduce my business work load by 75%. He worked in a completely professional manner and provided quality results. His dedication, good nature and loyalty was a welcome change.”

Ian Roberts
Below the Waterling / ZincWarehouse.com

“Ramesh is a great partner for my company, over the last 4 years, I've depended on Ramesh to provide application solutions, web based, and mobile, to my clients. Ramesh is my go to guy, a seasoned business man, he focuses his team, and communication, to solve business problems for his clients. A great communicator, knowledgeable, hard working, and honest.”

Laith Pahlawan

“I hired Ramesh to create reports in Crystal and SQL when I was the IT Manager for the Posey Company. He repeatedly delivered work that exceeded my expectation. Ramesh has a technical background but also has a great business mind and seems to easily pickup on business requirements. I currently use Ramesh's expertise in business application design and would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

David Garza
Posey Company

“Ramesh was able to take our ideas and help design solutions with prototypes.”

Bill Vlahos
Aerovironment Inc

“My experience with Ramesh from the very beginning was quite pleasant, informative, and professional. We've used Ramesh's expertise and services on a number of projects, always with Great results and on time. I would highly recommend him on on any relevant project.”

Moujan Ahouraian
Covient Inc

“Ramesh is very knowledgeable in the IT field and has given outstanding service as a database architect. I recommend him highly!.”

Christopher Matthew Spencer
Global Business Team Leader at kathy ireland Worldwide

“I had chance to deploy Ramesh Ramchandani on for couple of my clients project assignments and had received very good feedback on Ramesh Technical skills and his through professionalism, he was quick and efficient in helping my clients complete the project within the time interval specified.”

Srinath (Sri) Galagali
Business Development Manager

“Other qualities that stand out apart from his Strong Technical Competencies in...more.”

Srinath (Sri)

“Ramesh brought his years of experience in creating and managing databases to our project. We had an unusually large and difficult web application to build and Ramesh was able to design a great database upon which the project now runs. Strong work!.”

Abraham C
Director of Billing

“Ramesh is a guy who will get your work done and with pleasant attitude. Hard to find in today's stressful working envirnement.”

Loren Francis
Consultant at L'Loquant Inc