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Successful businesses yearn to attract customers’ attention!

Once the customers buy online, they’re hooked. Wall Street Journal says, as per a study commissioned by the United Parcel Service [UPS], over seventy percent of people prefer shopping online. Nearly 60% of the tablet owners use those devices to make purchases online.

Majority of people are shopping, researching, comparing and buying products and services online. Businesses across the world are competing online to attract customers, providing them with the products and services to make their lives easier.

Would you like to serve YOUR online market?

Would you like to attract YOUR target customers?

Would you like your business to reach that ‘starving crowd’?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any or all of the questions above, then you are at the right place.

With FocusBiz’s Web Application Development Services, you can now get your customers’ attention from the first page to the last. We start by understanding your needs, the benefits your business offers, and the website design that would appeal to your customers. We focus on your brand, your target market and analyze ways to best reach them.

Our experts will then share various proposals, in terms of design and content, based on our study. With your consultation, we will customize the one that will best suit your business. FocusBiz provides you with the webpages that are fully functional, sleekly designed, not just to attract customers but to make them stay there and buy your products and services.

While design plays a major role in the front-end, businesses need actionable data to drive their enterprises to higher degrees of success.

FocusBiz builds Web Applications for a Data Driven Enterprise.

Our applications help you collect information, analyze them, and derive conclusions about customer behaviors and choices they make about your products and services.


At FocusBiz, we provide you with high-quality interactive ecommerce websites, that customers will love and would WANT to do business with you.

We are focussed to provide your customers with a highly secure and satisfying online experience with your website with attractive pages. Not just that, we also provide them with easy navigation that is integrated with the back-end processes well to ensure smooth transactions.

With FocusBiz, your customized portal will have all the ingredients for a successful online business. Be it the development of your brand or the support, FocusBiz provides with all-encompassing features to efficiently operate your business.

We specialize in Web Application Development that specializes in ERP, CRM, and CMS.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning.

FocusBiz offers ERP business process management, which allows your business to use a system of integrated applications. It helps you manage the business and automates back-office functions seamlessly.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management.

We offer you a system for the management of your company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

CMS: Content Management System.

With our powerful Content Management System, you are in control. Getting control of your content is necessary for your marketing efforts. A powerful Content Management System gives you control over all your internal processes. It gives you the easy to build manage content pages, that you can upload ‘on-the-move’.

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